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Micro-Tutor Uno – Arduino/Microcontroller coding and hardware activity board with prototyping area.
Welcome to the world of microcontrollers! Our in-house designed and assembled tutoring board provides hands-on learning opportunities with an expandable range of components and functionalities.
learn Arduino
Featuring a number of in-built peripheral components for coding experimentation, this board is an ideal platform for exploring the exciting realm of microcontrollers.

  • Removable Uno clone board and USB lead - available as an option.
  • 3 “traffic light” LEDs – red, yellow and green.
  • Piezo transducer.
  • 2-digit 7-segment LED display.
  • A thermistor circuit providing a temperature dependent variable voltage.
  • 2 push-button switches.
  • Potentiometer providing a variable voltage to an ADC pin.
  • Prototyping breadboard area to connect additional hardware peripherals.
  • M/F 10cm jumper leads to connect port headers to the breadboard.

    For visual feedback, red, yellow, and green LEDs allow you to experiment with various lighting effects, program visual indicators and simulate traffic control.
    With the piezo transducer you can experiment with producing audible bleeps in response to programmed events. You might also use it as a knock or impact sensor.
    With the 2-digit 7-segment LED display, you can learn to produce numerical values by illuminating appropriate segments and learn how multiplexing and persistence of vision work to reduce the number of i/o ports used by the display.
    Use the push-button switches to trigger actions within your program using input polling and interrupts. Create interactive applications responding to user input.
    The thermistor allows you to measure temperature. Experiment with temperature control or environmental monitoring and use in conjunction with the 7-segment display to program a thermometer.
    With the potentiometer you can simulate any peripheral generating a variable voltage. You might display a voltage value or light leds in response to the voltage reaching set trigger levels as you might find in a battery monitor application.
    The prototyping area breadboard lets you build add-on circuits and plug in your own peripheral devices. Connect to the Uno by removing the jumper appropriate to the port you wish to use and connect a male to female jumper wire between the header pin closest to the Uno and the breadboard.
    learn Arduino
    There is also a link in the datasheet to a github repository of code snippets using the peripherals.
    Our microcontroller tutoring board offers a comprehensive learning experience, empowering you to delve into the exciting world of microcontrollers and build your understanding of embedded systems. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, this board is the perfect companion for honing your skills and unlocking your creativity.
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