4056 Lithium Battery Charge Module 03962A

  • Model: M087

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Charger module for 3.7V lithium power (LiPo) packs which do not include their own protection circuit.
Feeds a 1A charge current to the battery and cuts off when a full charge is detected (4.2V).
The charge current can be altered by changing the value of the R3 resistor - 1.2k fitted for 1A, 2.4k for 0.5A, etc.
Input is 5V via a micro-USB connector or +/- solder connections.
The battery should be connected to the B+/B- terminals.
A load can be connected to the OUT+/OUT- terminals, but should be disconnected during charging.
The module provides load cut-off when the battery voltage falls to 2.4V.
Red LED indicates charging in progress and a green LED indicates full charge reached.
TP4056A charging control IC fitted.
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