HM-10 Compatible Bluetooth BLE Module

  • Model: M040

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Bluetooth Low Energy communication module based on the CC2541 IC.
Power supply - 3.6V-6Vdc
Logic level - 3.3V. For communication with Arduino boards use a simple resistor ladder level shifter on the RX pin.
Set up is via a serial comms program e.g.CoolTerm or the Arduino IDE and USB-TTL serial adaptor e.g. M029 using an AT command set.
Default configuration is slave mode, 9600 baud, NL&CR.
Can be set up as an iBeacon.
AT+RENEW - to restore factory defaults.
AT+RESET - causes reboot.
AT+MARJ0x1234 - set iBeacon Major number to 0x1234 (hexadecimal)
AT+MINO0xFA01 - set iBeacon Minor number to 0xFA01 (hexadecimal)
AT+ADVI5 - set the advertising interval to about 500ms.
AT+NAMEANYNAME - sets the module name to ANYNAME.
AT+IBEA1 - enable iBeacon mode
AT+RESET - reboot again.

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