HM-10S Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Transceiver Module

  • Model: M108

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Dual Crystal HM10S Bluetooth Low Energy communication module based on the CC2541 IC.
Surface mount module.

Bluetooth version: V4.0
Connection distance: 100 feet
Power consumption: 90uA-800uA
Reaction rate: 0.4s
Board size 27 × 13 × 0.8mm
Operating level digital 3.3V
Power supply external 3.3V
Device function
TI cc2540 Bluetooth chip solution
Fully qualified Bluetooth V4.0
Full-speed Bluetooth operation, full piconet support and decentralized network support
RoHS compliant.
UART interface and baud rate setting function
AT Command (new version V542)
AT (test command)
AT + baud (check / set baud rate)
AT + CHK (Query / Set Parity)
AT + STOP (check / set parking)
AT + UART (Query / Set Serial Rate, Parity, Stop Bit)
AT + Query / Set PIO Pin Status Long Command
AT + PIO (Query / Set PIO pin sttus short command)
AT + NAME (Query / Set Device Friendly Name)
AT + PIN (check / set device password)
AT + DEFAULT (reset device settings)
AT + RESTART (restart the device)
AT + ROLE (Query / Set Device Mode, Master Slave)
AT + CLEAR (if there is a clear remote device address)
AT + CONLAST (try the last connection to connect successfully, device)
AT + VERSION (display software version information)
AT + HELP (Show help information)
AT + RADD (Query Remote Device Address)
AT + LADD (check own address)
AT + IMME (Query / Set whether the device starts up immediately)
AT + WORK (if the device is not working, start work, use the AT + IMME command)
AT + Query / Settings Try connecting remote time
AT + TYPE (query / set device work type, send and receive mode or remote mode)
AT + START (remote mode switch to send and receive mode)
AT + BUFF (query / use of buffer data, Duing mode switching time)
AT + FILT (device search query / set device filter) A
T + COD (check / set device class, eg phone, headset, etc.)

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